Major Western Storm Hits Pakistan.!

Large Western Disturbance Strong  weather system (the Worst Storm) which already effect Middle East,entered in Pakistan on 3rd February  Saturday night.which produced Wide Spread rain over Peshawar Islamabad K-P-k and Baluchistan. Moderate To isolated Heavy rain also reported in Sindh province during 3,4 Days.Widespread snowfall heavy at times is expected over the hills of Malakand, Hazara, Murree, Galiyat, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir on Monday and Tuesday while hailing is also expected at isolated places in the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab including Islamabad during the period.The heavy snowfall caused the closure of link roads avalanches/landslides areas mentioned above

actibe khi Monsoon actibe 2.

Rainfall Recored: Chakwal 106, Rawalakot, Sadusharif 91, Cherat 88, Garidupatta 85, Islamabad (Z/P) 75, Rawalpindi 73, Muzaffarabad 68, Risalpur 65, Balakot 60, Lower Dir 58, Kakul57, Pattan 56, Joharabad 51, Drosh 45, Multan 42, Dir, Parachinar 40, Murree 39, Kotli: Karachi 8mm

Note: SWP Already Posted For this Storm on 23 January On This Blog